mimimannphoto.com: Bio

From the time that I can remember, I was always taking pictures. My first camera was a little Kodak "Brownie."" From that "Brownie" I eventually moved to a Minolta, Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad Medium Format, and a Zone VI 4 x 5 field camera. All those cameras were film cameras. Today I shoot with a Nikon D300 and the Hasselblad medium format camera.

Like most photographers, I was busy with school, business and family in the early years. In 1998 I retired from real estate and began my formal education in photography. Fresno City College in Fresno, California has a wonderful photography department and with their help I went from taking pictures to creating art. I have had the great opportunity to explore and be exposed to various types of photography and techniques.

I have also attended many workshops and tours from some of the renowned professional photographers, such as John Sexton, Freeman Patterson, Andre Gallant, Nancy Rotenberg, Tony Sweet, Bryan Peterson, Steve Dzerigian, Dan Sniffin and John Barclay. These workshops and tours have exposed me to additional education and information. Photography has fulfilled my artistic passion.

I enjoy many types of photography, such as landscape, architecture, close-up and/or macro, abstract, in-camera techniques, (i.e. montages, swipes or pans), photo impressionism and travel. Close-up and abstract seem to be my favorites at this time.

I am a member and exhibitor of the Spectrum Photography Art Gallery in Fresno. My work has been exhibited in the Fresno Art Museum, Coke Hallowell Center of River Studies, University of California Center-Fresno, Fresno City Hall, Downtown Club in Fresno, Blue Moon Gallery, Fresno Fair and the Kings Art Center in Hanford. I was published by Towery Publishing's, "Fresno: Heartbeat of the Valley."

I appreciate your interest in my photography.